I'm Crystal, a joyous, passionate brand and lifestyle photographer and brand consultant focused on giving purposeful, good vibes photography and strategy consulting experiences that also give back.

Having been privileged enough to have worked with so many couples, capturing their milestones, I started to feel like I wanted to do even more for people with my business.  As a result, working with impactful brands that work to make a difference in the lives of others has become my priority.  In addition, I consult and mentor other photographers and small business owners on their brand journeys to help them find clarity, confidence, and direction in their business.

Before becoming a professional photographer and consultant, I worked in corporate roles for 12 years, where I learned to pay close attention to the details of businesses.  As a result, I have combined my organizational experience with creative passion to produce custom, thoughtful, streamlined brand photography and consulting experiences for people like you, who are ready to find their voice and grow their brand.

When I'm not consulting and shooting brand photos or for other entrepreneurs, I can be found journaling, doing yoga, spending time near the water, planning trips, and catching up with my favorite people. 

"Content is what you put out into the world. Creating is how  you make it happen."

Traveling to new places, connecting with people, enjoying and sharing music, eating good meals, loving all the animals, spending time on beaches, watching spectacular sunsets, and quality time with my favorite people. 

I enjoy helping people with things they're passionate about and I'm excited to share the organizational and creative experience I've put together to benefit you and your brand!

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Crystal Lily Creative’s vision is to be a leader in empowering business owners to step into their purpose, disrupt the status quo, and build brands that are rooted in core values. We strive to set an example for impactful brands and thoughtful people who want to make a difference in communities. Our clients will benefit from empowered brand strategy consultations designed to help them clarify their message as trusted leaders. We appreciate all of our clients in working together to help us support organizations that provide resources and for women and the LGBTQ+ community.

Crystal Lily Creative Vision